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​Welcome to the Lorillard document collection.

During the course of civil litigation with certain States Attorneys General, Lorillard Tobacco Company produced to plaintiffs documents that were requested by the plaintiffs during pre-trial discovery. Images of those documents, as well as images of documents from other civil smoking and health cases produced since October 25, 1998, are available on this website, with the following exceptions:

  • Documents that contain trade secret and confidential information.
  • Documents that contain work product and/or attorney-client privileged material, except as to certain documents that a court has ordered to be posted on the website, notwithstanding continuing claim(s) of privilege. Such documents are marked with a legend that states that the document is on the website as a result of a compelled production.
  • Documents that contain certain personnel records that raise privacy concerns and certain third-party information covered by contractual confidentiality obligations.
  • Notwithstanding the above-stated exceptions, wherever less than the entirety of a document is subject to a claim of privilege or trade secret, or where the document contains sensitive personal information, the document will be provided in redacted form. Such redactions indicate that privilege, trade secret, or personal information, as appropriate, has been redacted.

Under the terms of US DOJ Order #1015, Order #1021 and Order #27 Remand, additional documents will continue to be posted to this website through September 1, 2021.

The fields of information that are available for searching include 1) fields established by the Court in State of Minnesota, et al. v. Philip Morris, Inc., et al., No. C1-94-8565 (2nd Dist. MN), 2) fields identified in the November 23, 1998 Master Settlement Agreement and 3) fields required by the Court in United States of America v. Philip Morris USA, Inc., et al., No. 99-2496 (GK). Users should note that these fields and the data contained within them are generated during the course of litigation and may not correspond with the manner or nature in which records may be indexed or arranged by traditional libraries or historical institutions. For example, the documents are not necessarily sequential. By way of example, certain privileged documents, personnel documents and documents designated as trade secret and other highly competitively sensitive documents are not available on this website. Therefore numbering gaps may appear between some documents.

The fields that are required by U.S. District Court Order #27 Remand which applied to Lorillard Tobacco Company when it posted documents on the Lorillard Tobacco Company website and that can be searched on this website are:

Title, Document ID, Master ID, Other Number, Document Date, Primary Type, Person Author, Person Recipient, Person Copied, Organization Author, Organization Recipient, Organization Copied, File Name, Page Count, Date Loaded, Date Updated, Redactions, Document Format, Case Name, Date Produced, Minnesota Depository Production Date, and Minnesota Depository Production Box Number.

The website also features fields that were formerly required by the Master Settlement Agreement or U.S. District Court Order #1015, U.S. District Court Order #28 or otherwise previously posted. These fields are:

Person Mentioned, Person Attending, Person Noted, Organization Mentioned, Organization Attending, Organization Noted, Characteristics, Area, Site, Old Brand, Primary Brand, and Mentioned Brand and Text (OCR or electronic text).